Job Seeker FAQ’s

Will this cost me anything?
No. Kaiser Whitney is hired by our client companies to search for and find the best people for their open positions. We charge them a fee for our service. There is never any cost to you.

Who will see my resume?
Kaiser Whitney will contact you before sending your resume to any client company. We will contact you to tell you about the position, make sure you are available and get your permission to send your resume.

How does interview process work?
The interview process works differently with each company. Some companies will want to do several phone interviews, some will want to see you in person for the first interview. Your staffing consultant will tell you about each company as you go through the process.

What types of client companies do you work with?
Kaiser Whitney does not specialize in a particular type of company. We place people in specific positions in a wide variety of companies. We have placed people in large multi-national companies, start-up ventures and small companies with 3 or 4 employees.

Will you help me prepare for the interview?
Kaiser Whitney will provide you with every piece of information available to help you with the interview process. We will help you with the information on the company, get you to the web site, review the job description and also try to tell you about the person you will be meeting with.

How do I get paid?
For situations where you are contracted out to a client company, Kaiser Whitney will be your employer of record. They will issue you a pay check and cover you for workman’s compensation insurance and pay federally mandated taxes related to cost of employment. You will submit a time card which will be due on Mondays. All time cards that are received on Monday will create a paycheck for Wednesday.

What kinds of benefits do you have?
Kaiser Whitney has holiday pay for employees who have worked for 1000 hours. Kaiser Whitney will also pay one week vacation after 1500 hours. Kaiser Whitney also subscribes to several different medical plans and we also have a profit sharing plan you can participate in.

Is there any training?
Kaiser Whitney has free computer tutorials and training for registered employees.

What is Temp-to-hire and how do I benefit from that?
Temp to hire is a situation where we contract you out to a client company for a period of 16 weeks. If at the end of those 16 weeks, you like them, and they like you, the client company will have the option of buying out your contract in which case, you will transfer from being a Kaiser Whitney employee to an employee of the new company. If you and the company decide that you want to work together or don’t want to work together before the 16 weeks is up, Kaiser Whitney can end the contract or adjust it accordingly.

This arrangement allows you to WORK with several different companies before
you commit to a permanent placement with only one company.