Employer FAQ’s

What options do I have to hire one of your people?

Kaiser Whitney has three options available for hiring our employees:
Temporary placement/Contract placement- We contract one of our Field Employees to your office for an indefinite amount of time. We are the employer of record.
Temp-to-Hire- We send a person to you for a 16 week contract period after which point you buy out their contract to transfer that employee to your company.
Straight Perm Hire – You hire one of our employees directly into your company.

How much are your fees?
With each of the three options listed above, there are corresponding fee schedules.

When we send a Field Employee to work in your office, we pay their salary and benefits. We will bill you an hourly rate for each hour that person works. That hourly rate is based on several things, including the hourly wage we pay the person, unemployment and workman’s compensation insurance, federally mandated payroll taxes, processing paychecks and keeping track of records for W-2 and other tax reports. An exact hourly is impossible to give you until we have identified a specific individual who will be working in your office.

We also have separate fees for when you hire one of our people directly into your company. These fees are based on the first year anticipated annual salary of the person we will find for you. An exact hourly RATE is impossible to give you until we have identified a specific individual who will be working in your office.Our fees range from 26% to 33% depending on the level and location of the position.

What types of evaluations or testing do you use to qualify your applicants?
For Secretarial and Administrative positions, Kaiser Whitney uses state-of-the-art computerized software testing to determine each person’s skill and ability for more than 20 different programs including MSWORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint, and ACCESS. We also have other clerical tests which include typing, data entry, transcription, filing, proofreading and spelling. Kaiser Whitney Service Coordinators also interview each applicant for at least 45 minutes to get a solid understanding of what kind of work they prefer, what things they like and dislike, what their geographical preferences are, what there previous work history is like and they will determine which type of environment will suit them the best.

For executive-level and management-level positions, Kaiser Whitney does a very thorough reference check of current and previous employers. We are also able to conduct background checks including everything from credit history report, motor vehicle report and criminal background check.

How many resumes can I expect to see?
Depending on what kind of position you are trying to fill, Kaiser Whitney may be able to send someone directly to your office without having to send a resume or coordinate an interview. You will discuss your specific needs with our staffing coordinators and we can share with you some of our policies and procedures for particular job classifications. On average, for the more difficult positions, Kaiser Whitney will screen 40 to 100 people for your job. We will check references and narrow that down to our top 3 or 4 picks. We are not a resume forwarding service and we will not be sending you dozens of resumes.

Where do you find your candidates?
Kaiser Whitney has been finding people for companies since 1978. We have a very sophisticated database of candidates we have been tracking for the past 25 years. Newspaper classified ads and internet job postings only account for about 20% of our pool of people. The majority of people come to us through old fashioned networking and referrals.

What areas does your company specialize in?
As this web site will show you, we have several different divisions which cover a broad range of job titles and industries. Please look through the division that interests you the most or applies to your specific background.

What if I want to hire one of your temporary/contract workers as a full time employee in my company?
If you decide you want to hire one of our employees, and that employee wants to work with you, We will coordinate a way for you to buy out the employment contract. The dollar amount for that transfer will depend on how long that person has been working with you and what their job responsibilities are.

Can I conduct interviews at your office?
Yes. Kaiser Whitney understands that companies may wish to interview people without the rest of your organization being aware of someone new coming in. We have plenty of space and welcome you to visit our office anytime!

Does your company offer a guarantee on its placements?
Yes. We guarantee our permanent placements for 100 days. We also have different guarantees for temporary and contract assignments.